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We are always here to answer your questions.


Where is the Makin' A Splash store located?

7 Ridge Rd. Oak Ridge NJ 07438 Please come by and visit with our family.

We are open 7 days a week.


Can I buy chemicals and get them delivered?

Of Course. We offer every chemical needed for all swimming pool and spa needs. And yes Makin' A Splash does deliver all chemicals within a 20 mile radius with a total purchase of $100 or more.


Does Makin' A Splash test water? Will it cost me anything?

Yes, we have the finest equipment needed in testing your water chemistry. Without the right chemistry, your pool vacation could turn into a pool nightmare. Water testing is free for all customers.


Why is my pool so cloudy?

Cloudy water occurs from a number of reasons. You could have an inconsistent reading in your chlorine levels. You could have your total ph reading off. Algae could be dead, or alive in your water. Your filter could be clogged and needs to be backwashed. Your not getting enough circulation in the water, keeping your water stagnant. All of these different problems can cause you an extra headache, but Makin' A Splash can help in all of these aspects.


I'm not getting any suction in my pump. What do I do?

Are your skimmer baskets filled to the brim? Is the pressure gauge on your filter over the normal reading? Is the pump top tightly sealed on? Is the pump basket filled with debris? Are there any valves turned to the closed position that should be opened?


Why is it better to own a vinyl liner in-ground swimming pool in New Jersey than a concrete or fiberglass in-ground swimming pool?It basically comes down to water chemistry and New Jersey weather. Here we get 100 degree heat in the summer to below 0 winters. If the chemistry of the pool water is off balance, it could steal minerals from the concrete walls deteriorating your actual wall. On fiberglass, it has a tendency to crack very easily. Fiberglass is very expensive and only comes in certain shapes and sizes. Weather tends to create both movements of the ground and ground water. This can cause the concrete pools to move, crack and leak, where as vermiculite and liner pools tend to take underground water and movement very well. Vermiculite is porous, keeping it from cracking, and the vinyl does not get eaten up by bad water chemistry as easily as a concrete pool. 


Why are chemicals so important and what do they do?Chemicals are the key factor in keeping your pool from looking and developing into the black lagoon. Swimming pools are designed to hold the same water for years, so in order to keep that water looking and feeling like new, chemicals are definitely a necessity in swimming pool up keep. Chlorine is a cleaning chemical or a sanitizer that helps kill all bacteria in the water. Stabilizer is actually a chlorine stabilizer. This helps in the prevention of the ultra violet rays of sun from breaking down your chlorine level. Ph is the measurement of acidity or alkalinity in the water. Total Alkalinity is the measure of levels on certain materials that help control and balance the Ph. Hardness is the measure of magnesium and calcium minerals in the water.


Have another question for us???

Call us, visit us, or email us and we will promptly get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.


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